Despite popular belief, waking up with great skin isn’t something achieved effortlessly through your DNA. Great skin comes from the meticulous care and preparation along with educating yourself on different mineral benefits that your skin needs to do well and survive. Anything from your daily habits to your diet can affect how your skin looks.

Here are a few other tips and tricks to keep in mind when working on that flawless face.

Know What To Avoid

Before we even start on your face, it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate the rest of your daily life. Eating processed foods, not changing your clothes, exposing yourself to UV rays without protection and not washing your face daily can all attribute to clogged pores and wrinkles all over your skin. Bad skin care isn’t limited to just your face, pimples showing up on other places of your body due from anything to too much sugar in your diet to even being overly stressed!

Cleaning Your Face

Without even the use of makeup dry skin cells, if not washed off or removed can begin to clog up your pores. Washing your skin with water is the fundamental way to get your body clean. However, there are other products and exfoliants that you can use to scrub away any dirt, dead skin, or bacteria that are hanging out on your body.

Moisturizing Your Body

From your head to your toes it’s easy for skin to dry out mainly from the cold air in the winter months. This is also true for those who walk around barefoot and have harder skin on the soles of their feet. Soften up your skin by trying out different moisturizers and see how your body reacts to each one. Those with sensitive skin should be careful and test small patches of their body before putting a moisturizer all over.

What’s The Purpose?

A skin-care routine’s purpose is to get your skin into tip-top shape so that you are not only looking your best but feeling your best as well. Clear skin that feels good and treats you right takes time and is a long process to take care of. Beauty routines get people into the habit of pampering themselves properly every single day.

The most important thing to remember is that a skin care routine is not an overnight fix. It takes a lot of time for the skin to heal and recover just like any other injury or neglected part of your body.