Science has always worked hand in hand with the cosmetic industry to provide new and improved methods of improving our looks and counterbalancing the visual aspects of ageing. One of the most the most innovative treatments on the market are dermal filling, or wrinkle injections as they are more commonly known.

The popularity of dermal fillers has grown as they are a convenient and practical way of rejuvenating the face without applying toxins, like Botox or under undergo surgical procedures. The entire procedure is only slightly invasive and recovery periods minimal. Best of all the results are immediate and highly noticeable

A Closer Look at Formulas

As a marvel of cosmetic science, they are made of a especially developed serum designed to improve the natural qualities of the skin and essentially restore what is lost in time. Most dermal fillers are made of a complex sugar that exists naturally in the skin and especially in the second layer the dermis, as opposed to the epidermis (top layer) and hypodermis (bottom layer).

This layer is what holds the structural qualities of the skin and when this vital integrity is compromised, the skin can sag and wrinkles form. They have been designed to counteract the depletion of volume in the dermis and drastically improve the visual aspects of the skin. Part of the dermal filler design is to encourage water retention where it is injected adding bounce and fullness.

What to Expect from the Wrinkle Injections Experience

Wrinkle injections usage is a delicate procedure that requires extreme finesse and experience in contouring the curves of the face, jawline, neck or whichever regions are being addressed. Thus, a reputable practitioner is the best choice to apply fillers of all types.

The amount of treatment you will receive will be decided on by you and your cosmetic professional after a thorough examination and interview to establish the primary objectives of your treatment. It is important that you feel a confidence and trust with your cosmetic professional and feel comfortable to ask questions and consider your options from all angles.

You should also take this time to ask about precautions and medications you are taking that may be contraindicated. Some medication has led to prolonged bruising in the regions being treated.

The treatment itself can be completed within the space of 20 to 30 minutes. The region receiving the treatment may be soothed with a topical aesthetic or ice, before the procedure and many wrinkle injections are laced with an aesthetic as well. This ensures there will be no discomfort during or immediately after the procedure.

The effects will be visible as soon as the operation is complete and most have experienced this as a very satisfying aspect not available in conventional cosmetic surgery. Nevertheless, it is only natural to expect a small amount of discomfort over the next few days to a week. Should there be any redness, discoloration or discomfort after this, you will want to notify the professional you selected for your needs.

Where can they be applied?

Usage has been applied to all aspects and areas of the face including the cheeks, smile lines, lips, chin, eyes and hollows and forehead. Certain versions have also been applied to change the contours of the nose and even hands that appear aged can be rejuvenated with wrinkle fillers.

The chin, cheeks, lips, smile lines, corners of the mouth, hollows under the eyes and basically all the fine lines found on the face. Aged hands and depressed acne scars can be treated with Dermal Fillers, it can also be used to reshape the nose.

These have even been studied for their value as a preventative against the formation of future wrinkles. While the studies are still inconclusive, many experts agree that usage can prevent wrinkles from getting worse if not from stopping their formation altogether.

Selecting the Best Fillers and Professionals

As with most cosmetic solutions, the best results are provided by the experts in their industry. Thanks to higher standards of quality control and greater attention to detail in their applications, the results you can expect from a reputable practitioner are always higher quality and last far longer.

The best dermal fillers come in special varieties that are better suited to specific areas of the face or anatomy. Because every patient is different, a professional clinic will have the experience to handle any anomalies that may arise. If, for example, too much product is applied, a professional will understand how this natural product can be dissolved and remedied.

Careful applications also significantly reduce the occurrences of swelling, bruising and other such mishaps.

How long do wrinkle injections last?

Being a natural approach to the ageing process, the substances within them are designed to be broken down and carried away with minimal toxin residue ion the body. This means that within 6 to 24 months your dermal fillers will be all but lost and a new dosage will need to be applied.

Much of the longevity of the treatment’s effects will depend on the body’s reactions, the location of the application, the skill of the cosmetic practitioner and the quality of the fillers applied.

Are they Safe to Use?

The application of substances to the skin has been a touchy subject since the advent of tattooing. As we can see, tattoos exist in a splendid attractive array and adverse reactions are fairly rare. Nevertheless, they do exist and the prudent will take every precaution to avoid the worst reaction from their treatments or tattoos.

This will be an important point to discuss in your initial interviews with possible providers.

For the most part, usage is natural and therefore has a strong tendency to be accepted in the body. Sometimes an allergic reaction can cause lumpiness below the skin and sometime this reaction is permanent.

Another possibility is the condition called Tyndall effect. This is primarily characterized by a strong bluish discoloration of the affected area. While the appearance can seem severe, the symptoms and condition are quickly cleared up with proper treatment and possibly medication.

There have also been cases that skin cells have died when contacting dermal fillers. And then the very worst reports have included partial or total blindness, permanent scarring and nerve paralysis.

Those wrinkle injections that last the longest have been found the most problematic when it comes to bad side effects. The various risk associated with them underscore the importance of finding a professional cosmetic practitioner who can provide preventative measures and minimise the chances of adverse side effects.

Another important reason to select a reputable professional in handling this procedure, is that not every dermal filler is suitable for each wrinkle. An experienced professional will understand this and produce better final results.

Before choosing one clinic or professional to apply your injections, take the time to do your research. There are various regulatory boards and certifications that can identify the best professionals from those with minimal skills. Online reviews are also a good way to explore the practices of various providers so you can get an idea of what to expect in their performance..

In the end, these may be one of the preferred methods of gaining impressive results when countering the effects of ageing. Nevertheless, there are some important points to consider when looking for the best wrinkle injections usage that will minimise the advents of bad side effects and produce the best results possible.